Innovative Bluetooth control


Schlüter-LIPROTEC makes light installation super easy. Thanks to the new Schlüter-LED-Color-Control app, you can also manage your lighting from the palm of your hand.

Light profiles that are equipped with LED strips of the LT ES 9 series can display over 16 million colours – with easy remote control of these light strips from any location. That's made possible by the Schlüter-LED-Color-Control app, which allows for setting and selecting up to 16 favourite colour sequences or scenes quickly. In addition, 42 different colour sequences are preprogrammed and can be played at variable speeds. The LED strips are controlled via Bluetooth.

The Schlüter-LIPROTEC-EBR receiver was specifically developed for this purpose and can be fitted into small spaces. The app is available free of charge for Android and iOS devices.

Questions & answers

  • Can I create a coloured play of light?

    Pre-programmed colour changes can be called up as scenarios, using our control system. You decide, with the touch of a button, what mood you want to activate.

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