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Individual LED light installations for professionals

What is PRO?

Schlüter-LIPROTEC-PRO is our proven and versatile components for illuminated profile technology for installation professionals.

The plug & play sets from the EASY assortment can be used to create a number of individual light installations with ceramic tile and natural stone. However, Schlüter-LIPROTEC can do a lot more: as an installation professional, you can freely combine light profiles, control elements and accessory components without design restrictions to realise custom features of the projects.

LIPROTEC-PRO offers a choice of nine different profiles: use the U-shaped profile LIPROTEC-LL and the matching corner profile LIPROTEC-LLE to magically create accented lighting in wall coverings. LIPROTEC-WS, -WSQ and -WSK place baths, wall panels and on-wall features into the right light. LIPROTEC-PB is the perfect solution to illuminate steps and podium edges, e.g. in reception areas. LIPROTEC-QD was developed to match the well-established finishing profile Schlüter-QUADEC to visually emphasise skirtings, edges of worktops and borders in a uniform design. Cove lighting, i.e. illuminating the space between wall and ceiling, can be implemented with LIPROTEC-VB, a finishing profile with indirect lighting and a particularly low assembly height. The assortment is rounded off by LIPROTEC-D, a versatile illumination profile for wall design that elegantly highlights borders, mirrors and shadow gaps.

  • Individually combinable LED light installations
  • Products for versatile combination
  • Expandable sets for illuminating wall areas, steps and decorative frames
  • Direct control via on-site switches, remote control or smart app
  • Central control with master/slave technology available
  • Numerous accessories for cabling and underlayment

You want to install LED lights on ceramic tiles or natural stone without expert knowledge? Then LIPROTEC-EASY is the perfect solution.

Illustrated pricelist LIPROTEC 2019
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