Light surrounds us

Irrespective of how large or small your lighting project is, whether you are planning to just set some accents or have a completely new lighting system.

Thanks to modern Schlüter-LIPROTEC light technology you have the choice:

  • Soft, relaxing light for quiet zones.
  • Illuminate darker, less well-lit areas
  • Coloured light for ambience in the bathroom or bedroom

Since the LED technology we use allows for adjusting the length to suit your needs, you can now install lights very precisely, to the centimetre and you can also decide, project-related, where and how you utilise lighting. For example, you can have bright, indirect, direct, cold, and warm light, light around the pedestal, toward the ceiling or emanating from the wall. On the basis of proven profile technology by Schlüter-Systems, all profiles can be integrated harmoniously into your ambience and even be controlled individually.

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Questions and answers

  • Is it correct, that the use of luminaires is forbidden around the shower and the bathtub?

    Particularly strict safety regulations apply in bathrooms and all other rooms, in which the elements of electricity and water meet each other: For the areas around the bathtub and the shower and also in the vicinity of the washbasin, luminaires must comply with the protection type IP 64 (protected against spray water). If there is any potential of jet water, for example through water jets for massage, then at least compliance with the IP 65 protection type standard (protection against jet water) is required. The protection type provides the suitability of electrical devices (for example, luminaires and installation material for various environmental conditions. 
    The LIPROTEC system meets all requirements. Our LED strips have been encapsulated to comply with IP 65. This means that LED strips and profiles can be utilised in the bathroom and in other rooms - in which the so-called environmental moisture could meet the LED technology - without any problems.
    Only the power supply units, the receiver and switches must be placed outside of Zones 1 and 2.


  • Who is the suitable point of contact for light profiles? The electrician or the tile setter?

    As the market leader of tile profiles and as the developer of the LIPROTEC light profiles we have developed an illumination system that is particularly easy to install.  With Schlüter-LIPROTEC the tile setters are handed a simple to install LED system on the basis of high-quality aluminium profiles from the market leader of the tile profiles. But of course, the connection to the 240 V mains of the house must be carried out by an electrician!

    Tip: The plug & play solutions of LIPROTEC-EASY are particularly suitable for beginners and for anyone interested in giving Schlüter-LIPROTEC a first try.

  • Can I create a coloured play of light?

    Pre-programmed colour changes can be called up as scenarios, using our control system. You decide, with the touch of a button, what mood you want to activate.

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