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Wellness in the bathroom with illuminated lines and skirting

Pure relaxation in the bath

The modern bathroom is a place of wellness. Relax. Take a break. Let your thoughts or worries drift away in a hot bath. Schlüter's illuminated profile technology creates the supporting atmosphere. An illuminated skirting lets the tub appear to float above the ground; create lightness and attractive contrasts. Lines of light set appealing accents and generate a pleasant, even illumination without hard lines and shadows. Light as a source of wellness, whether with homogeneous white light or with colour.

Make your dreams come true: Schlüter-LIPROTEC conforms to either IP 65 or IP 67. In addition, the system is coordinated to integrate bathtubs into a uniform illumination concept along with other applications such as illuminated mirrors, niches and showers.

At a glance:

  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • Floating features
  • Contrasting accents
  • Even, soft lighting
  • A new sense of space
  • White and coloured tones
  • Protection against moisture (IP 65 or IP 67)
  • Flexible combinations
  • Schlüter-LIPROTEC-LLPM


    Schlüter-LIPROTEC-LLPM are plug & play LED modules made from a flexible, fully coated LED tube with homogeneous light distribution and an attachment profile made of aluminium or stainless steel with a trapezoid-perforated anchoring leg.

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  • Schlüter-LIPROTEC-WS/-WSQ


    Support profile made of anodised aluminium for illuminating protruding wall panels.

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  • Schlüter-LIPROTEC-WSK


    Support profile made of anodised aluminium for illuminating protruding wall panels.

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Illustrated pricelist LIPROTEC 2019
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LIPROTEC brochure

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