Warranty Conditions for the Schlüter®-LIPROTEC system

  1. General
    Schlüter-Systems KG warrants the defect-free operation of its LED strips/tubes and the associated electrical components for a period of 2 years from the date of sale for buyers, subject to the conditions set forth below. For permanently installed LIPROTEC products such as profiles and end caps, the warranty period is 5 years from the date of sale. If defects are claimed from us in writing within the above-listed periods, we shall be entitled to replace the defective product or product components for the buyer free of charge within the specified warranty. The place of performance shall be the delivery location of the respective wholesaler. Any further obligations of Schlüter-Systems KG to reimburse costs or cover damages shall be void, unless the buyer can prove willful action or gross negligence on the part of Schlüter-Systems KG. Buyers must present proof of purchase or delivery to make a warranty claim.
  2. Warranty obligation
    The warranty obligation for Schlüter-Systems KG shall be void if the buyer fails to comply with the information and measures set forth herein, which subsequently leads to the product defect. Buyers must explain and prove that product information and measures were fully followed and observed and that the alleged defect of the product or product components is the responsibility of Schlüter-Systems KG.
  3. Warranty rights
    These Warranty Conditions do not limit the statutory warranty rights of the buyer, unless said rights are effectively voided by the above provisions.
  4. Notes

    Please note that special expertise is required for designing as well as installing LED systems. It is recommended to use a qualified electrician for installing extensive LED systems. The system power supply may only be activated by an authorized, qualified electrician. Schlüter-Systems KG has no control over the proper use, storage and installation of components or products; these items are therefore exclusively the buyer's responsibility.

    It should also be emphasized that buyers are responsible for the determination and observation of minimum, maximum and splitting length as well as minimum and maximum loads of modules or cables in the scope of design and system installation. The individual components and products must be properly coordinated (e.g. with regard to loads, cable ratings and control systems).

    As a general rule, LED strips/tubes are sensitive electronic components that require careful handling in storage, installation and use. All other notes in the Technical Manual for Schlüter-LIPROTEC-PRO as well as the instructions, information and content of product data sheets must be followed and observed.

    Please note that blending light colours (red/green/blue) is only recommended in cases where a primarily non-white color rendition is actually desired. Although the colour "white" can in principle be generated with a colour blend, this permanent setting demands maximum component performance, which ultimately leads to a shorter service life. This does not apply to the use of the white LEDs in RGB+W LED strips/tubes. Our product must be uniformly installed with the corresponding product components for proper usage. The replacement/combination of LIPROTEC products or product components with products of third-party manufacturers is beyond the control of Schlüter-Systems KG and voids our warranty. This applies in particular, but is not limited to, the replacement and/or combination of control systems, since the necessary compatibility is not guaranteed for third-party products.

    PRO system: To enable a subsequent replacement of LED strips, plan a sufficient length of cable as a spare "pull-out" length during cable installation.
    EASY system: To enable a subsequent replacement of LED tubes, the matching system P&P hollow wall box must be included in planning during cable installation. The hollow wall box thus enables reversible access to the LED module plug.

    PRO system: Depending on the operating temperature, LEDs can generally reach approx. 30,000 to 40,000 operating hours. Please refer to the respective data sheets for further explanations on the operating hours and service life of LED strips/tubes. Certain fluctuations in brightness and colour must be expected as a normal part of LEDs due to production technology procedures. Fluctuations may also result from the combination of different batches - for example based on partial deliveries, subsequent deliveries etc. - from different production processes. To ensure maximum colour consistency, ensure that components from the same batch are installed as part of the corresponding installation order.
    The LIPROTEC-PRO system is not suited for use in steam or dry saunas.
    EASY system: The LIPROTEC-EASY system is approved for use in steam saunas (up to max. 65 °C). However, such use will reduce the product operating hours.

    Cutting LED strips/modules to size: LED tubes are given a waterproof sealing at both ends at the factory. The LED strips/tubes should only be cut to size with a suitable tool (PROCUT cutting tool). If the LED strip/tube was cut on site, the installer must make sure that the cutting edge was sealed in compliance with IP requirements. The work steps from the respective instruction manuals must be observed.

    The LED systems can be controlled via Bluetooth® receiver and mobile devices. Bluetooth® is a global standard used in various versions in modern mobile devices. Depending on the software adaptations of device manufacturers, its performance and compatibility may be impaired or restricted; this is expressly excluded from the warranty.
    For further information, please refer to the operating instructions of your mobile device. The mobile device is not part of the scope of supply.  
  5. Installation measures
    The following must be taken into account prior to installing Schlüter-LIPROTEC products, particularly with regard to LED components (e.g. inserting LED strips into the support profile):

    Make sure that LED strips/tubes are adhered carefully, with clean hands. Special care must be taken to avoid any mechanical stresses of LED strips/tubes during installation.

    Carefully deburr both sides of any cable ducts leading through profiles of any kind, particularly aluminum profiles, to avoid damage when the cable is pulled through. Thoroughly clean all chips generated during the installation (e.g. from drilling, sawing, filing etc.) to avoid the general risk of short-circuits or arcing.

    PRO system: Pay attention to proper polarity (plus, minus and signal wires). If necessary, request additional information.
    EASY system: Listen for a "clicking noise" when connecting the plugs of the LED modules via the positioning lug of the LED socket at the cable. Removing the plugs or sockets is not permissible.

    PRO system: Use suitable cleaning agents to enable the permanent adhesion of LED strips in the profiles. Only use suitable cleaning agents, e.g. for cleaning the diffuser lenses. EASY system: Clean profiles with a suitable cleaning agent prior to inserting the LED tubes to remove all residue from the receptacle profile. Only apply minimal pressure to manually insert the LED tube into the perceptible profile. The LED strip may only be cleaned with conventional cleaning agents not containing solvents or abrasive materials.

    Complete a function test (e.g. with a test assembly) before the final assembly.

    Observe the applicable national safety regulations, both for the installation and the operation/repair of LED modules. If necessary, request additional information beforehand.

    Keep in mind as part of the design and installation process that access/revision options must be guaranteed to the individual components (electrical components etc.) for so-called closed LED systems. Ensure adequate temperature management (ventilation).

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