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Illuminating stairs with LED technology

How do you turn a staircase into an eye-catcher? Use the innovative illuminated profiles of the Schlüter-LIPROTEC series to simply and efficiently highlight individual steps or even an entire staircase with high-quality LED strips. The illumination characteristics are up to you: discreet with indirect lighting or more striking with direct lighting. That captures attention and creates atmosphere. There are several benefits: the combination of full lighting and the anti-slip tread properties of Schlüter-TREP stair nosing profiles significantly enhances user safety.

Take advantage of versatility! Thanks to matching Schlüter products, you can easily combine the staircase illumination with other application areas. Cove lighting enhances comfort in residential spaces and creates a distinguished ambience in business settings together with lines of light and wall panels.

By the way: the Schlüter-LIPROTEC system, in addition to profiles and LED strips, includes all accessories for installing and controlling your staircase lighting. We also offer complete installation sets for many construction projects that contain all required components for installing illuminated stairs.

At a glance:

  • Create atmosphere
  • Draw attention
  • Increase safety
  • Systematic combinations
  • Complete sets available
Illuminated staircase Illuminating staircases

Quickly and simply install effective LED stairway illumination with the complete sets for staircases.
  • Staircase sets

    Staircase sets

    Schlüter-LIPROTEC can also be used to illuminate staircases - the easy way: our staircase sets comprise all components you need to install lighting on each step.

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  • Schlüter-LIPROTEC-PB


    Podium edge profile made of anodised aluminium with a visible area of 25 mm.

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