LED typology

Light effects from warm white to sunset scenario ... made possible by using different LED strips. Whether you are a "sky & ocean" fan or prefer contemporary neutral/white white ... Whether you want to focus attention or define mood and relax ... The LIPROTEC system is ready to accommodate all your light needs!

Choose between LED types


  • RGB+W LED strips

    The all-rounder

    Schlüter-LIPROTEC-ES 9 are high-performance LEDs specifically designed for use in Schlüter light profiles. With the especially close arrangement of coloured and white LEDs on a single strip, they enable the high-quality rendering of both coloured light and colour temperature-controllable white light.

  • White LED strips

    The two white options

    If life is already colourful enough for you, Schlüter-LIPROTEC offers LED light in its purest form: white. Dimmable as needed and available in cool neutral or warm white. Create customised precision working conditions or comfortable warm accent lighting.

A lucid explanation!


That's why Schlüter-LIPROTEC-ES LED strips work so well!

  • Our LED strips emit an homogeneous and intensive light. We achieve this by minimising the space between diodes.
  • Thanks to their PU top coat, the white LED strips LT ES 51 and LT ES 61 are not only protected against splash water from all directions (IP 65), but also have a particularly low assembly height of just 3 mm.
  • All LED strips of series LT ES 11 to LT ES 41 have a full IP 67 compliant PU coat (to protect against temporary immersion).
  • The LED strips with full PU coating are extremely durable and suitable for use in wet rooms.
  • Our LEDs are embedded in solid profiles for optimal protection against environmental impacts and mechanical stress.
  • All LED strips can be individually shortened at the designated markings.
  • Shortened LED strips can be closed to comply with IP 65 or IP 67 (end caps and adhesive are included in the scope of supply).
  • The light installation is reversible and LED strips can be subsequently replaced.
  • The LED strips are available in lengths of 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 400 cm.

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