Questions and answers

  • What are the dimensions of the decorative frame set?

    The decorative frame set contains everything you need to create stylish frames in the dimensions 118.5 x 93.5 cm with impressive LED illumination. The decorative frame can be fitted with mirrors or decorative elements with a thickness of up to 6 mm and a maximum weight of 16 kg.

  • When planning, do I have to take the location of the switch into account?

    The switch (transmitter) controls the receiver with a radio signal. Depending on the location of the receiver, the transmitter can be placed at a distance of up to 50 m. It is not absolutely necessary to have a mechanical attachment by drilling. A special adhesive tape makes it possible to fasten the switch according to the customer's wishes without any problems.

  • Does the system remember my colour temperature or do I have to adjust it anew all the time?

    Our receiver that controls the colour temperature of white LEDs offers the option to save 4 fixed colour temperatures. In addition, every colour temperature can be changed individually and saved permanently. 

  • Can I illuminate rooms with my favourite colours?

    Our receiver for the control of coloured LEDs offers the possibility to select among 8 programmed colours. The base colour tones stored have been adjusted to take into account the biological effects of light and colour on people. 

    Using a colour change, you can also save your favourite colour temporarily or permanently. This individual programming is carried out via the switch.

  • Can I create a coloured play of light?

    Pre-programmed colour changes can be called up as scenarios, using our control system. You decide, with the touch of a button, what mood you want to activate.

  • Is it correct, that certain colours can make us feel well-rested or tired?

    Low light makes us feel tired, yet daylight has an energizing effect.

    The daylight spectrum includes the biologically effective blue range and is considered pleasant. Studies show that light enriched with blue makes us feel particularly active and can even reduce eye strain and headaches.

    A warm-white spectrum relaxes us. The Schlüter LEDs are offered in different light colours (see also: Just how many colours can I choose?).

  • Is it correct, that the use of luminaires is forbidden around the shower and the bathtub?

    Particularly strict safety regulations apply in bathrooms and all other rooms, in which the elements of electricity and water meet each other: For the areas around the bathtub and the shower and also in the vicinity of the washbasin, luminaires must comply with the protection type IP 64 (protected against spray water). If there is any potential of jet water, for example through water jets for massage, then at least compliance with the IP 65 protection type standard (protection against jet water) is required. The protection type provides the suitability of electrical devices (for example, luminaires and installation material for various environmental conditions. 
    The LIPROTEC system meets all requirements. Our LED strips have been encapsulated to comply with IP 65. This means that LED strips and profiles can be utilised in the bathroom and in other rooms - in which the so-called environmental moisture could meet the LED technology - without any problems.
    Only the power supply units, the receiver and switches must be placed outside of Zones 1 and 2.


  • Who is the suitable point of contact for light profiles? The electrician or the tile setter?

    As the market leader of tile profiles and as the developer of the LIPROTEC light profiles we have developed an illumination system that is particularly easy to install.  With Schlüter-LIPROTEC the tile setters are handed a simple to install LED system on the basis of high-quality aluminium profiles from the market leader of the tile profiles. But of course, the connection to the 240 V mains of the house must be carried out by an electrician!

    Tip: The plug & play solutions of LIPROTEC-EASY are particularly suitable for beginners and for anyone interested in giving Schlüter-LIPROTEC a first try.

  • Isn't the light bothersome when putting on make-up?

    As a rule, professional make-up mirrors are combined with LED illumination. These make-up mirrors, illuminated with neutral-white LED strips are considered to be ideal, since they can illuminate in a very targeted fashion. So, if you do want professional light for applying make-up, we suggest in that case to use the colour temperature neutral-white.


  • What do I do when one of the little lights fails?

    Schlüter-LIPROTEC is as flexible and individual as you need it to be

    Whether you want to emphasise decorative elements, borders, pictures or mirrors, whether you want to put more emphasis on a simple shadow joint or set accents with indirect lighting ... Schlüter-LIPROTEC is matched superbly to ceramics. However, it can also be installed with the most diverse of wall coverings.

  • Can Schlüter-LIPROTEC be installed only in combination with tiles?

    Schlüter-LIPROTEC ist so flexibel und so individuell wie Sie.

    Ob Sie nun Dekorelemente, Bordüren, Bilder oder Spiegel betonen wollen, ob Sie eine schlichte Schattenfuge ausprägen wollen, oder mit indirektem Licht Akzente setzen ... Schlüter-LIPROTEC ist hervorragend auf Keramik abgestimmt. Es kann aber auch mit den unterschiedlichsten Wandbelägen verbaut werden.

  • Are there LEDs that provide a nice white light, they always appear to be bluish?

    Due to new technologies, LED colour temperatures have become suitable for living areas. Thanks to a special coating, LEDs also supply pleasantly warm-white light. 

    All LEDs can be variably adjustably dimmed via the corresponding control system technology.

  • Do I need special expertise to install LIPROTEC?

    Anyone who can install a Schlüter-Schiene can install LIPROTEC profiles. Simply read the installation guide regarding the LEDs. However, only an electrician may connect the converter to the power mains.

  • Is the illumination protected against spray water or jet water?

    LIPROTEC meets all requirements and safety regulations for electrical systems in moisture-rich rooms (wet cells). Our LED strips have been encapsulated to comply with IP 65. This means that LED strips and profiles can be utilised in the bathroom and in other rooms in which the moisture could meet the LED technology.

  • What materials can I use to design a shear wall?

    Glass, mirrors, decorative panels (such as decorations made of wood or picture decorations) as well gypsum plasterboards can be combined with our shear walls.

  • Do I need an electrician for the cabling?

    We also offer complete accessories for the cabling. Particularly practical: The Schlüter-KERDI- BOARD installation modules with pre-milled cable channels. They can accept the two-part Schlüter-LTZKK2010 cable channel. The cables are simply inserted into the channel from the front. During the installation the tile setter will route the cable feeds to the individual LED strips. The tile setter can also clamp the individual LED strips together and connect the receiver as well as take care of the connection to the secondary (24 V) electricity supply of the power supply unit. The advantage: No trade must wait for the other.

    However, only an electrician may connect the converter to the power mains.


  • Can I combine the system with other light switches?

    Schlüter-LIPROTEC has a control unit with pre-programmed features. It is for this reason that the system-compatible switches and receiver must be used. An intelligent "linking" of several switches, such as a "changeover switch function" is possible.

  • Just how many colours can I choose?

    The possibilities to create the right illumination with the modern LED light technology by Schlüter-LIPROTEC are infinite.

    You may choose between two fixed white colour types (warm-white and neutral-white), variably adjustable white light (3,000 - 7,000 Kelvin) and coloured light with up to 16 million colour tones.

  • Why are the LEDs by Schlüter considered to be robust?

    Our LED strips are completely encapsulated, or encased with a shrink tubing and therefore protected from external influences.

  • Is Schlüter-LIPROTEC an environmentally friendly system?

    Yes, since the LEDs contain no poisonous mercury and save, in comparison with conventional lamps, even up to 90 percent electricity.

  • What is a diffuser and what does it do?

    By accepting two different diffusers, Schlüter-LIPROTEC makes it possible to create different lighting effects. If the diffuser can be seen by the viewer when he looks at it directly, then we are talking about "direct illumination".

    As an example, the Schlüter-LIPROTEC-VBD diffuser for indirect light distribution offers an additional direct light strip of 3 mm width when viewed from the front. However, this light strip is not considered to be blinding, since the amount of light is reduced at this location of the diffuser. 

    In most cases, an "indirect distribution of light" is realised via an adjoining wall covering. The viewer is not looking directly into the light area.

    This way, using two diffuser systems for the same receptacle profile, different light effects can be achieved. Installing the diffusers is simple: Just clip them on!

  • Very often, LEDs have the appearance of those Christmas illumination ropes. How do you achieve the appearance of uniform illumination?

    Schlüter-LIPROTEC-ES are high-performance LEDs that have been specifically developed for use in Schlüter lighting profiles. The LED strips that have been developed especially to our requirements have a particularly narrow distance between the LED points.

    The interaction with each other of profile, diffuser and LED strip has been coordinated such that a particularly homogenous distribution of light is being achieved. Therefore, this avoids the impression of a "chain of lights" in the first place!

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