MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems

Print profiles with your favourite design

State-of-the-art printing technology is the key to modern tile production and enables the creation of remarkably realistic wood and marble surfaces. This offers designers an opportunity to give their creativity free reign.

With the introduction of the textured TRENDLINE range, Schlüter-Systems took a large step toward blending profiles and tiles. Now we are going even further: Popular wall and skirting tiles can now be optimally adjusted to the tile design with modern printing technology. This results in a perfect integration of effective edge protection in the tile covering.

Customers looking to accentuate tiles in skirtings or wall areas can even have their favourite designs printed to create a custom appearance.

Whichever method you choose, the modern printing technology of Schlüter-Systems is a step ahead in covering design with profiles.

The product advisors of our sales service and our Customer Service Department will be pleased to assist you with any questions you may have about MyDesign by SchlüterSystems. You can also find the respective contact information on our website. We look forward to helping you with your Schlüter-MyDesign projects.

The following products are part of MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems:

Please refer directly to the price list to learn which product variants are part of the MyDesign range:

How to order your MyDesign products in five easy steps

Quick and easy – as with all Schlüter-Systems orders, you can place your orders via e-mail or by phone as usual. Our in-house customer service consultants will be pleased to assist you with your MyDesign projects. Here is how to find your product details in advance:

  1. Select a profile from the MyDesign programme, e.g. QUADEC-AC: C / Q ...* DP 
  2. Select height | add to art. no., e.g. 6 mm | C / Q 60 DP
  3. Select corner, end cap or connector, e.g. C / EV / Q 60 DP
  4. Submit tile pattern or file with desired design
  5. Approve the printing proof

Our sales department will communicate the expected delivery time (within Germany and other European countries) when you place your order.

Calculation help for pricing

The overview below explains the price calculation to let you know how much your MyDesign project will cost:

 Set-up cost +  Product + Accessories + Surcharge = Price
450 €    e.g. 400 €   e.g. 114 €   e.g. 66 €   1030 € 


  1. MyDesign set-up cost (one-time fee per colour, regardless of quantity*): 450 €
    * The MyDesign set-up cost is only due once, even if you combine several products with a single design in an order. Set-up costs are not eligible for discounts.
  2. Select the price of the desired profile (see Pricelist 23)
  3. Price of desired corners / end caps / connectors: fixed price 28,50 € per piece
  4. Add MyDesign surcharge C: 16,50 € per metre

Your contact for ordering

Would you like to order products from the MyDesign range or do you have questions? Our customer service will be pleased to assist you:



  • How are subsequent orders priced?

    The pricing of subsequent orders is calculated in the same way as first orders. That means the set-up cost of 450 € will again be due for every design. We therefore recommend diligence and forward planning in assembling your order quantity.

  • Is there a minimum order volume?

    No, there is no minimum order volume. You can order exactly the quantity you need for your individual project. This makes MyDesign projects an excellent fit for large-scale construction and residential building projects alike.